Valley Ruach


Seems pretty obvious, right? But you'd be surprised how a little extra participation can go a long way!

Attend Events

By attending even one more event this year than last, you're enabling us to keep our programming as inexpensive as possible. We all get tired. We all get busy. We all have more commitments than we sometimes can handle. Just remember, making Valley Ruach and other Jewish community events a priority is important to ensuring that our community thrives!

Spread the Word

We send emails. We send Facebook messages. But those only scratch the surface! It's proven that a personal invitation is literally a million times more valuable than a mass email. That's why we rely on you to forward our emails, send out personal messages, post on your friends' Facebook walls and do whatever you can to get your friends to come to events with you!

In fact, we went so far as to appoint two publicity mensches to help get things going. If you get a message from anyone at Valley Ruach asking you to help spread the word, please do what you can! Your participation is much appreciated!

Our Next Events

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