Valley Ruach

Experience Shabbat with Valley Ruach

Reserve the third Friday of every month for a Shabbat experience like no other!

We begin our Shabbat celebration with a happy hour at 7:00pm. Enjoy a free cocktail, some snacks and the company of your friends as we relax and unwind and prepare for the transition between the hectic work week and Shabbat.

At 7:30pm we join together for guitar-accompanied, fully participatory services. Every month our services are a little bit different, as we incorporate a variety of new and old melodies. Our hour-long services are geared toward all ranges of observances. We provide transliteration (English spelling for Hebrew words) to those who need them, and all of our melodies are easy to pick up. As we like to say, services are as enjoyable for the first timers as they are for the Valley Ruach veterans.

Following services, we enjoy a communal Kosher, catered Shabbat dinner. Each month we try something new! In the past year we've had Chinese, Italian, BBQ, sushi, Mexican, Israeli and an assortment of other styles and ethnicities of meal themes. Almost all dinners are meat (with the exception of one or two per year that might be dairy), and include a vegetarian alternative. If you have a special dietary restriction (beyond Kosher or vegetarian) please let us know when you RSVP, and we'll do our best to accomidate.

RSVPing and pre-paying for Shabbat dinner is REQUIRED. You'll find a link on our homepage (and to the right, on this page) to RSVP anytime more than 24 hours in advance. If you don't RSVP, we might not have a seat for you at dinner. So, please do your best to RSVP and have your friends RSVP by the Thursday night prior to Shabbat.

Did you attend a Shabbat dinner or other event without paying?

Sometimes people who are new to our community fail to RSVP and pay for events ahead of time.  Please help us cover our costs by using this link to pay for the dinner or event you enjoyed, and join our Facebook group or mailing list to be notified about upcoming events, services and RSVP deadlines.


Our Melodies

Our inspiration comes from many Jewish sources, and our melodies change from week to week. Nevertheless, here are some resources where you can find a sampling of the melodies we use.


Our Next Events

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